Now through whenever supplies last, Colesville Beer & Wine is having a sale in celebration of the independence of our nation! Join us for your holiday celebration needs!

Fish Eye Wines are now on sale at Colesville Beer and Wine!

All bottles of 750 ML from Fish Eye are $4.99 to commemorate the middle mark of Summer. Enjoy a crisp Pinot Grigio or Chardonnay while out on the beach, or a smooth red for the easy laid back nights.

A featured review from for a great Cabernet and Zinfandel blend wine. Named Caricature Red Wine, it's one of our latest additions to our inventory. A bold wine with surprising smoothness, it's perfect with food or without.

A quick little spotlight on one of our great Spanish reds, the Vina Eguia Crianza Rioja. Receiving 91 points on Wine Advocate and 86 on Wine Enthusiast, with a mid tier price, the Vina Eguia Crianza Rioja is a great wine to try for any occasion.

The latest addition to our inventory of wines, is Fog Bank, from California. Featuring two reds, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, and one white, a chardonnay; Fog Bank is a relatively new wine maker. Try a bottle today, and let us know what you think!

A great review of Kim Crawford's Sauvignon Blanc was found, done by the fine folks over at the

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"It’s not very often I get to use a word like scrumptious to describe a wine, but that is exactly what this one is. SCRUMP-DIDDILY-UMPTIOUS!" - Wine Girl, Kitchen Doesn't Travel

Liberty Creek wines, 1.5 liters, are now on sale at Colesville Beer & Wine.

An inexpensive and great table wine from California, all of their wines can make a great compliment to your favorite dishes. Try a bottle today!

Jam Jar Wines

Jam Jar wines are now available at Colesville Beer & Wine! Featuring the Sweet Shiraz (sweet shiraz?) and the fruity white, the Moscato. Both are available in store now.

Pick one up today if you fancy a little sweetness to your wines!

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The tongue in cheek name and label aside, If You See Kay is a wine with no hidden passives about its character. From the onset of opening the bottle, powerful floral notes smash the nose with blackberry. An amazingly fruity wine, the ripe character is what this wine is all about.