If You See Kay Review

The tongue in cheek name and label aside, If You See Kay is a wine with no hidden passives about its character. From the onset of opening the bottle, powerful floral notes smash the nose with blackberry. An amazingly fruity wine, the ripe character is what this wine is all about.

An Italian red that is dominantly Cabernet, the wine drinks smooth with barely any hints of sweetness. The wine is very dry, but even this characteristic takes a back seat to the powerful fruity texture. It lends itself to a smooth drink that does not require food, and perfect for a casual wine session. It almost does epitomize the advertising insert. "Never Controllable. Always Wanted." After consuming a bottle, I was left thinking about the wine for a couple of days. The almost mouth watering fruitiness, but no sweetness. How is that even possible? It's been a while since a wine was able to make me reminisce about it, even while crushing boxes. But the mind does wander, it always does, when crushing boxes.

Never the less, the wine is incredible. And even now, I am somewhat at a loss for words as to how best describe this wine. It has to be tasted. Experienced. Had.

The name of the wine has caused quite a stir in the more conservative parts of our States. A Huffington Post article from 2012 shows that some people are still offended by the various songs of the same name.

Do not be put off, and enjoy this great wine.