Flying Dog: Underdog Atlantic Lager Review

Flying Dog Underdog Atlantic Lager is a beer that has a heavy hint of summer squared away into a 12oz bottle. Drinking straight from the bottle, its aroma is very floral and fruity. The hints of pilsner hops and fruit only amplify once its poured into a glass, which also reveals a somewhat sweet note to finish. Very pleasant to the nose that is only a hint of things to come in the tasting.

Taking a sip, it hits your taste buds immediately. The zest of citrus and lemon with the light carbonation, permeates throughout. A bit of spice rounds out the fruit, with a slight bit of sweetness that eventually fades. The lager finishes dry, with a slight bit of bitterness that comes together to create a refreshing overall afterthought.

Overall the Flying Dog Underdog Atlantic Lager is highly reminiscent of summer beers like lemonade shandys, thanks to the fruit. However, the finish and the low sugar content makes it a beer that could be enjoyed all year long, multiple bottles could be had in one sitting.

A welcome addition to the somewhat top heavy line of the Flying Dog Brewery.

4.70% ABV