Colesville Beer and Wine is proud to present 5 new beers to the store!

A featured review from for a great Cabernet and Zinfandel blend wine. Named Caricature Red Wine, it's one of our latest additions to our inventory. A bold wine with surprising smoothness, it's perfect with food or without.

A quick little spotlight on one of our great Spanish reds, the Vina Eguia Crianza Rioja. Receiving 91 points on Wine Advocate and 86 on Wine Enthusiast, with a mid tier price, the Vina Eguia Crianza Rioja is a great wine to try for any occasion.

Penfold's Ampoule

Australia's Penfold's Ampoule, blends rare wine with fine art to create a masterpiece of a Wine. It probably will sit in someones cellar for all eternity, never to be opened or sampled. Ironic isn't it?

If you weren't able to make it for our Beer Tasting on Friday, April 19th 2013, we got some photos to share with you. Showcasing Redd Apple Ale and Third Shift Amber Lager, the turn out was great, even though the weather was less than stellar.

New at Colesville Beer and Wine is the Bulgariana line of wines. In the store, we have Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Imperial Red Blend, and the Cabernet Sauvignon + Syrah blend.

Friday, June 14, 2013 - 5:00pm

Join us at Colesville Beer and Wine for a wine tasting experience with Tim Smith from Southern Wines. Starting at 5:00pm, and going until 8:00pm; we will have the 2010 Pinot Noir and the 2011 Chardonnay available for sampling from this great company.

Colesville Beer and Wine is proud to present Fordham Brewery's line of beers as the first of many, Beer of the Month special!

The cream of Manchester, England has returned to Colesville Beer and Wine. After a long hiatus, we are happy to have this product once again featured on our shelves. It is a personal favorite of a lot of former and current staff, here at the store.

Resurrection Beer

Resurrection Abbey Brown Ale is now available at Colesville Beer and Wine. Brewed locally in Baltimore, Maryland at The Brewer's Art, Resurrection is a great beer for any occasion!